Andrew Barker

Andrew is a Director at Simple Wills.

He has a diverse professional background from working both in professional practice and industry.

Andrews expertise and the majority of his client base is working directly with Entrepreneurs, Contractors, High Net Worth Individuals and owner/managers of SME's throughout a variety of sectors. Simple Wills is a company that is expanding and Andrew has a direct responsibility for new client engagements and business development.

Robert Newman

Rob's been tax advisor for over 25 years.

During that time he's helped both private individuals and business clients to achieve their goals through straight forward, proactive and practical advice, given on a fixed fee basis, with a value for money principle. His mission is to add value to his clients' business and personal affairs. At various times he's also been a chef, soldier, civil servant, bodybuilder, corporate warrior, retailer, part trained physiotherapist and life adviser. He's started and run several business and he's made and lost a lot of money!

Today, He and Simple Wills offer clients a tailored and personal service and strive to exceed their needs. The highly experienced Simple Wills team seeks first to understand the unique pressures facing each of our clients before creating commercial and workable solutions to those complex challenges.

Our firm's vision is to achieve this while demonstrating the accessibility of our team and the fact that we genuinely care - about our clients and about their businesses. Consequently, well over 90% of our clients are a combination of repeat business and new clients to whom we have been recommended by our existing, satisfied customers.

Danielle Fox

Danielle has many years of experience and has lived the highs and lows of business ownership.

Her experience sparked her fascination with how individuals could protect their families so she trained as a will writer and estate planner with the Society of Will Writers and now leads this practice area with support from the CCM Accountants Tax Team.

Danielle’s favourite fact about what can be instructed in a Will relates to a client who arranged for a single red rose to be delivered to his wife every day after his death for the rest of her life. Money and instructions were set aside for the local florist, and it was carried out to the letter!