There’s 5 steps to what we do…

1. Make us a coffee!

The first step is to meet us so we can understand you and your situation. This is a confidential and informal discussion about your family, your assets and, perhaps most importantly, the goals that you have... Plus, our consultants do appreciate a good cup of coffee!

2. Instruction

Once we understand your situation, we can advise what solutions will achieve your goals. If you are happy with our advice, we can take your instruction fully and carefully.

3. First Draft

Your instruction will be submitted to our drafting team, and the first draft will be sent to you by post or by email for checking. Our team are here to help you understand your drafts, and we will be standing by to either accept your approval or amend the documents as necessary.

4. Finals

Once approved, your draft documents will be produced in their final format, ready for signing and witnessing. Our team will usually supervise the witnessing to ensure that your documents are legally binding and effective when they are needed.

5. Registration and Storage 

Depending on which services you have chosen, some documents will need registering with the appropriate government bodies so that they are effective.

You also have the option to take advantage of our secure document storage facility to ensure the right people get the right documents in the right condition at the right time!

Once done, your affairs are in order and you can sleep easier at night knowing your family is taken care of.


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